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Affordable High Security Seals Available Now

To meet C-TPAT & ISO17712 High Security Seal requirement (or for anti-theft requirements) for containers, truck trailers, and rail cars we have the following  products:

  1. High Security Bolt Seals
  2. High Security 5mm Cable Seals
  3. High Security 3.5mm Cable Seals

(See below for full product details)

If you are shipping within the country and only require evidence of tampering then we have the following products for containers, truck trailers, and rail cars:

  1. Security 2.5mm Cable Seal
  2. Security 1.5mm Cable Seals
  3. Security 1.8mm Cable Seals
  4. Tamper Evident Tin Seal
  5. Tamper Evident  Plastic Seal

(See below for full product details)

High Security Bolt Seals  C-TPAT &
ISO17712 Approved

2 Styles to choose from:

Premium Bolts – Cap Attached

This bolt comes 250 per box and packed 10 per tray.

Available Colors:  Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Orange (other colors available upon request)

Plain bolts – Cap Not Attached

This bolt comes packed 250 per box and packed 10 per plastic strip with each in their own plastic bag OR 250 per box and 10 per Tray.


Available Colors:
Available standard colors of High Security Bolt Seals – Yellow, White and others upon request

Company name up to 20 characters
Consequential numbering up to 8 digits

Barcode Available
Carton: 250 pcs.
Carton dim. : 12x12x12 inches
Weight: 40 pounds

5mm and 3.5mm Cable Seals are High Security Seals
2.5mm, 1.8mm, and 1.5mm Cable Seals are Security Seals

Cable Seals, High Security Cable Seals

Cables come packed 500 per box and 10 per plastic bag.

8, 10, 12, 14, 18, and 36 inches

500 per box and 10 per bag

1.8mm is 1,000 per box and 10 per bag

36 inch is 250 per box

Customization and other colours

Container, Rail Car,  and Truck seals adjustable by flexible steel cable. Corrosion protected aluminum body.

Available Colors: Red and Blue and Green

Cable seals with personalization and consequential numbering up to 8 digits.

Aluminum Security Seals for Trucks, Rail Cars and Containers

Material: plated aluminum


Up to 20 characters available.
Company Name and up to 8 digit sequential numbering stamped  on metal strip. 

Standard color: aluminum

1 Carton:
 2,000 or 1,000

Carton dim:  12x12x12 Inches


Weight: 20 Pounds

Plastic Security Seals for Trucks, Rail Cars and Containers 

Material: Plastic


Up to 20 characters available. Company Name and up to digit sequential numbering 

Available Colors: 

1 Carton: 1.000 pcs


Carton dim:  14x14x14 inches


Weight: 10 pounds

We have access to hundreds of different security seal products.  If the seal you require is not listed above please complete the quote request  and we’ll quote you a price on it. 

Affordable high security seals available now – Security Seal supplier for North American trucking and freight forwarding companies. High Security Seals and Tamper Evident Seals in stock for same day shipping. Free trial offer available for new customers. covers Canada, USA, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Toronto, Ontario Canada, Montreal, Quebec Canada, Oregon USA, Washington, USA, California, USA and Los Angeles, California USA : – c tpat ISO17712 high security seals – security seals. 

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